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21 september 2003 Stuur e-mail Alle gedichten bekijken van deze schrijver
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Just like a dream ..

A hope that lives inside my heart
Of which I thought that I had lost
But had it with me from the start

Just like a zombie I walked around too many times
How was I to know that they can can confuse me
And try to abuse me but they can never ...........
Steal away my mind ..

Just like a bird flying high up in the sky
That seems to fade away more and more
The higher it will fly ..

Just like a like a little baby boy
Without a mother that hears him cry
Just like a suicidal person
That only wants to die

That's how I used to feel
Kind of lost the track of time
I had eyes to open up
But I wanted to be blind

But then I came to learn
That every person
Has bridges to burn
And leave it all behind

Just like a flash of light
I came to see
That it can all be so bright
When I find the truth in me

I can not depend on someone else
I've got the strength go on
And depend on my self

Just like a hard rain that falls on my head
That's like people are sometimes
They'll hurt and make you sad

But life will harden you,you know
With every drop of rain that falls
Your mind will be getting stronger
It will grow ..

I feel just like a flower in the time of spring
I survived and kept silent in the winter
But in the summer I will sing ..

- Shining Star Abbo 1Abbo 2Sponser-

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