You know me ... (vervolg!)
04 mei 2004 Stuur e-mail Alle gedichten bekijken van deze schrijver
Bewondering / Familie / Vroeger/Herinneri

(dit is het vervolg op You know me.. een gedicht van gisteren ;) )

Then I ran away from that place
I ran away trough the city
I saw you running out the door and looking
But you going after me cause you don’t see me

I had tears on my face and I walk slowly
I want to run back to you ,my dear
But I know I couldn’t, you wouldn’t believe me
Cause I had let you down for so long

I held you tight when you was born…
But it didn’t helped, they took you away
I cried for days and years and surch for you
But now I find you, I couldn’t go to you

Your life is perfect, better than you would have with me
You are so beautiful, I just can’t believe
You are treated well there…
I just can’t tell you the truth now

But I know…I have to tell you it
I have to see you and tell you the truth
Cause you had to know your real mother…
You have to know your real life

I walked on the market and stand still by a table
When I buy a neckles I see you, standing accros
I wanted to yell you but I don’t want to shock you
I just stood there and wait until you saw me

And you saw me…
I run away to a quiet place….
I sit down by the fontein in a quiet street
And you are running to me

Miss? Do I know you ? you are so familiar se said
I looked in her eyes and slowly I speak
Yes, maybe you know me.. but I know you
Tell me… tell me everything…please ? she begged me

I… you maybe know me from birth…
I held you tight when you was born…
I … I am your mother….
She looked shocked and cries

Mom? I though that you were a sister or something…
I saw once a picture, they taken away from me
I saw a girl, she looks like you
O mom…why we were a part??

I looked in her face and saw the pain
I don’t know…they have taken you away from me
Don’t know the reason.. don’t know the man
I did everything to hold you, but it wasn’t enough

She took my hand and laughs at me
I never forgot you… you were the one who held me strong
I must go now my dear, I don’t belong her anymore in your life
I must go away now….i said and left her

No! don’t go away mother!
My time just begin…my life just begin!
You are my star,you are my air….
She runs to me and hugt me so tight

We won’t be separated again…never!
She said and I hold her tight against me
We won’t be separated again my dear…
And then we both run away….
Away to our new beginning…
Away to our new life…

- SecretMistery -

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 gothicangel corner
Woensdag, mei 05, 2004 15:45 Alle gedichten bekijken van deze schrijver
wauw het is echt super geworden en toch eigenlijk niet af met dat mooie open eind echt heel mooi maar dat had ik al wel verwacht van jou

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