Love battle
17 juni 2004 Stuur e-mail Alle gedichten bekijken van deze schrijver
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You where the one who hold me
You where the one who told me

You where the one who saved me
You where the one who make me

Your loved me so strong
Buts to hard I cant go on

Please dont leave me
I can change
Our love is strong
It doesnt have to break

Girl+ man
I will hold you till my time ends
I will be the love in your heart
I will be the one who you peace full dreams send
The one who catch you when you fall apart

But please dont leave me
Please dont go

My father would kill me
If he did know

But still we can run, Just like the barrel of the gun?

I cant Im afraid, No matter how hard I run, I wont get across the gate

But still we can be toghether
Now and forever?

There love is a poison touch
It all became to much
The wind of time toke there changes
Leaded them through lovers land
The one who died, instead of life
The one who hate, Instead of kiss
There hand to hold
Will lose controle
There love will fade away

Theres no time I have to go

Please stay with me, I really love you!

I know but I cant stay
Our love will fade away
My hand are cut I cant controlle
My love is in your soul

I will be forever with you
But now I dont have a cleu
Dont be afraid, you will be save
My arms will have you till break of day

I dont want to lose you again
I was the one who you send
Your father is tough
His heart has turn to mud

We are the one who seeing this
We are the one who still believed

How can you believe, when its all done
I dont know how to go on

My love is fade, and I must die
It will break in the end of night

I can save you, please come with me
Ill be the one who you lead
Ill be brave and love you more
Ill stay till end of dawn

Leave them be let them live
They didnt do something wrong to diserve this
She will die, betrayed them all
Dont be afraid for the fall

Look at them love an lust
Theyre live took them throught dust
They will hide and they will fight
She will run through the night

Fire above, heavens eyes
Her father cold as ice
Her love poison and treu
He lost controlle because of you

They will rise and they will fall
They will die, rise into dall

Leave them fill them , kill them, steal them let them live
Feel them, heal them cut them, let them life

What did I to diserve this?

Go with a man of evil exist

He's the one who I love

Im am the one who it all stop

Burn her.

God above stand me by,
Let me save my soul to night
Let me fly with you

Pleaes take my hand, Ill be brave
Those flames on my feets, lead me into save
This scars in my heart
This wounds it felt a part

Please let him life he has changes
Take care of him
I dont ask much, please forgive him

She is praying for her love
He will soon meet her above
The lord wont listen, she betrayed

But sir she only choose her way?!

Dont say that or you will burn
Dont you there the back you turn
fallow me and youll end in peace
Remain my word at last

I cant look is to hard
My lies through her apart
My love, My live
broken and all
My love I begin to fall

I will not let her brun
Its A trap that I in turn
My love is more important then my death

How can you say, the love you had
It become all to sad
Two for tragedy to for love
The one who died for above
The one who seen the lies through eyes
The one who forgive the ones will heart as ice

Stop him, save him please for me
I cant no longer resist
My heart stop almost at last
Let me die, Let me die fast

I will try for you my dear
That guy pray for forgives To think clear
He never thought he will meet
The one he loved, The one who dicieved

Means± girls:
Love him, free him from his soul
Banisch this girl, let her out of controlle
Her heart betrayed the ones and for all
The one who breakt and let them fall

Her love is clear
Her dead is near

She died in my arms
How could I do this only watch

Well well look what you have done
You let her die, now she is gone

Its your falt she didnt do anything
I was the one who said she could be with me

Betrayer, deceiver you will rest in hell
You coought her up in to her shell
Her blood that runs into her vains
This was the end of the game you play

Die now cut his troat
Let him blood on his boat
Burn him in the ocean sea
You will see, the end is near

Please dont it wasnt my thing
I was stupid and I was mean
I loved her all with my heart
My lies, my sins are apart

Dont you there to speak to me
You will die, cant you see
You pathetic love I dont care
My daughter is dead, and you only stared

I know I didnt look
I was to far, to take your hook
I m young, and suffer so much
Let me die, let me go to above

Boy you are wrong
You wont go up to the sun
The flames and red night you will see
In hell, you belong to me

Be my slave or you will die

I rather die, then be your slave all the time

Fine you will end your dreams
Drown him in the ocean sea

He will burn, dont drawn him
Suffer to let him think about his sins.

There he stand, screaming for help

Please god, I did so well
Ive treid so hard to understand
The wrong things Id command
within my shell
Let me die, Im just a young man
The one Ive loved at first hand

Lord to his angels:
Take his soul, let him rest in peace
Dont try to burn your feat

Go down get his soul
Dont try to lose controle

another angel:
Ill try I know I can
Send some more, for me to send

Thank you lord for everything
Thanks for forgiving my diying sin.

There you are my love one
Take my hand, we will walk on

They died for each other
Her love for him was stronger then for her father
She died for him, He for is sin
They will walk the road till the begin
A new birth a new life
To gether till the end of time

Theyre heart so young and fresh
Still it had to end at last
Love is strong and also is hate
But you can win, if you dont lose faith

*Dont let them suffer*

- DarkSinner -

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 The unreachable corner
Woensdag, juni 23, 2004 10:35 Alle gedichten bekijken van deze schrijver I get it..hmm..i should have read this one I see it clear..she died and she still lives on inside of him, and that's the sin right? that's why he betrayed her snap ik het helemaal...ik had deze eerst moeten lezen...hihi...

Echt super gewoon...Ik vind dat het zo iets heeft van een sprookje, maar dan een zeer donker...Wauw...jij zou me wel elke avond een "bed-time-story" mogen komen vertellen..lijkt me wel zalig :-p! And then
 Wicked Soul corner
Vrijdag, juni 18, 2004 19:57 Alle gedichten bekijken van deze schrijver
You know how I think 'bout this: again so wonderful! Echt een hit Dani ;) Fantastisch, subliem, geweldig!!! Owjah en dat laatste stukje maakt het echt helemaal superaf!
Die heerlijke fantasie van je ;)


 P!nk Lady corner
Vrijdag, juni 18, 2004 13:13 Alle gedichten bekijken van deze schrijver
Echt m00! me!zzzz... Lang maar !e b!jft b0e!end t0t de laatste w00rdjeuhss!!!
 BloodElf corner
Vrijdag, juni 18, 2004 10:57 Alle gedichten bekijken van deze schrijver
Okeej okeej okeej, *zucht heel diep*

JEZUS!! wat een eind woorden ;o) Wel prachtige woorden... daarom is het ook niet erg dat die zo lang is.

Supergeweldig gedaan, ik ben ook niet anders van je gewend ;o)
 Marjolein de Greef corner
Donderdag, juni 17, 2004 21:36 Alle gedichten bekijken van deze schrijver
heel mooi en goed gedaan

*buigt en klapt* ;)
 Bless The Goth corner
Donderdag, juni 17, 2004 21:01 Alle gedichten bekijken van deze schrijver
hoi allerliefste leverd! mooooooooi! :-d, as I told you in the box ;-), nou,je met nog lkkr verder gaan zingen in de douche! :-p
dikkuh knuf, leen
 gothicangel corner
Donderdag, juni 17, 2004 20:52 Alle gedichten bekijken van deze schrijver
ik vind hem geweldig heb het al 3 keer gelezen en lees het zo nog een keer echt heel mooi gedaan

 Melodramatically corner
Donderdag, juni 17, 2004 20:26 Alle gedichten bekijken van deze schrijver
Heel erg mooi!!! Geweldig!!

 ~Reality~ corner
Donderdag, juni 17, 2004 20:19 Alle gedichten bekijken van deze schrijver
Wauw lang, langer, olangst =)
Maar wel geweldig gedaan!

Tnx voor je reactie =)

Veel liefs!!
 Dark Sinner corner
Donderdag, juni 17, 2004 20:12 Alle gedichten bekijken van deze schrijver
Ik ken shakespeare niet echt.. Alleen die film hehe..
 Marble corner
Donderdag, juni 17, 2004 20:09 Alle gedichten bekijken van deze schrijver
Eeeeen zo waren we weer een kwartier dichterbij de dood ^__^ Foek wat een lange, maar echt, écht heel erg mooi. Doet een beetje aan die oude toneelstukken denken (shakespeare). Moet je vaker doen, het gaat je goed af!

 Dark Sinner corner
Donderdag, juni 17, 2004 20:05 Alle gedichten bekijken van deze schrijver
Slaat nergens op...had ik even zin in hehehehehe...ach who cares?! Its just my fantasy...I think hehehe
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