Sacrifice man
11 november 2004 Stuur e-mail Alle gedichten bekijken van deze schrijver
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What a way to crashtest your consciousness
you act like youíve got all the time,
like that particular smile to fake doing fine
well go ahead then do what you want
I wont be your pillow, your buffer, your airbag no more.
Yet I want to so badly cause I know youíll be sad later on
when the dawn brakes through your headache and you donít remember the wrong youíve caused
to yourself and to others and maybe a little because
I wasnít there to offer you pause,

Hell I like drinking just as well, but I still know who
I am when I do and I always remember you too.
I wish youíd feel the same or at least try to behave but you always tell me you donít want to be saved. Not even for me? Not even for happiness or settle for being content,
as soon as I think it, I feel your contempt.
You donít want my love, you donít want my heart,
youíre still too drunk and Iím torn apart.

So again I must leave and this time for real,
youíll spit in my face and leave a bad taste,
your hardship smells like a rotten last meal
ĎWhatís the deal?í You ask me as I pay for your cab but then shut the door. Drive! Mr taximan, Drive to the moon. I donít want to see you back here too soon.
Thereís a part of me lit and itís ready to burn,
Let me take the heat. The one person Iíd save is throwing up in your backseat.

Iím a sacrifice man itís what I do best. I just keep kidding myself itís an emotional test and later on
when Iíve grown older somehow, I will be happier then because I am miserable now.
I am such an idiot for believing myself. In the end there is only a face looking grimly across
the mirror is fading from the things we have lost

- Deadeyes -

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