The Church
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The Church

Here I am on my own again
In a closed building where I stand
filled with emptiness and it's freezing cold,
As my breath dissappears it's all what I behold

As I stand in a deserted compound
Where no one is bound
Just me only not wanting to get out

Because outside the war is worse
here I stand in an acient church
looking for answers, looking for some truth
seeking an escape from all that is due

As time passes, the cold makes it heavier to breathe
and the shades are thickening like a disease
slowly shutting my eyes so I cannot see
I decide to sit down next to a trampled fireplace on the floor
Knowing that there is just me and nothing more

But I know deep inside
That in a church there is light
and soon people will end up in the same place
sitting next to me while flames enlight every face
we soon get connected telling tale after tale
sharing our problems and together from the inside we'll prevail

''even in the darkest places you are never alone
open your eyes and find the light that is shown''

- Real MC -

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