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03 juni 2006 Stuur e-mail Alle gedichten bekijken van deze schrijver
Verslaving / Zelfmoord / Verwarring

So sick and tired of this life, let me end it with this knife!

Dark ideas, like this one, all day long
No matter what I did, kept falling down
Seeing all kinds of reasons to end the pain
Into my own thoughts, I will drown

Why canít I do anything right, why should I continue this fight?

Asking myself these questions
Without being able to answer them on my own
No matter how hard I try
All the answers I long to find, remain unknown

Can someone give me a good reason to stay, because Iíd rather to away!

Seeking this reasons, hearing them too from other people
But I donít think they are good enough
Too much pain and hurt inside my soul
To see the good sides of life, only the tough

Whatís the use of living, if weíre just living to die?

Just to be born, grow up, learn to survive
Get hurt by people, though you get through
Fall in love, get married pretend to be happy
Make kids, raise them well, thatís all you do

After some years when youíre kids are grown
And you sit home, or work every day
Until you get too old
And have to stop, but still, you have to stay

Live is nothing more than an useless time
On this earth weíre all destroying with our presence here
Wouldnít it all be better, for everyone
If there was no such thing as life, if weíd all disappear

Sorry, Iím in a very weird mood today
Only thoughts about death have been crossing my mind
Canít seem to be doing anything else lately
I donít know why Iím here, or what Iím supposed to find

I hope this mood changes soon
Because this canít go on any longer no more
I feel like giving up, tired of thinking and doing this
I canít do this anymore

- --justme-- -

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 *helmine* corner
Zaterdag, juni 03, 2006 22:09 Alle gedichten bekijken van deze schrijver
Stay. Just for the one that loves you.

-XxX- *helmine*
 Augustijntje corner
Zaterdag, juni 03, 2006 20:22 Alle gedichten bekijken van deze schrijver you!

hang in there!!
 Augustijntje corner
Zaterdag, juni 03, 2006 20:21 Alle gedichten bekijken van deze schrijver
I could say that you have to stay because there are many beautiful things in life, that you have your whole future before you..but somehow I think that won''t help, because you don''t see those things right now..

but think about this one: (and I''m sorry if it''s not my place) but think about how devistaded you were after founding out your sister is don''t want to lose her.. you should keep that exact feeling in mind.. you should stay, for your sister and the others that
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