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I feel so captured, trapped inside my head
I can't hear, can't feel, can't smell the air playing with the leaves

There is a feeling wrestling inside me
While sensing the desire of wanting to feel free,
I run and stumble upon a beautifull place
Nothing but trees, and daisy's, so many they are like a blanket over my feelings and in that way softning them

I look at my feet and I suddenly realize i'm floating
It is like as if al my nerves had a shot of zerotonine
Like I switched minds with Mother Nature

Amazingly staring at my surrounding, I feel a wonderfull feeling
A feeling of wind blowing softly at my skin
An overwhelming sense of freedom and I hear the melody of the wind in the trees

It feels like if I am a child again, that I once long ago lost deep inside of me

Then all of a sudden it is over again
Like someone snapped his fingers to let the magic dissapear
I'm standing on my own two feet and the blanket is gone
It feels hard again but a little gleam of hope has remained
The hope that I can handle my life, and take it like I want it

I will strugle to get that feeling back again, someday, somewhere, somehow...


- Sabrina -

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