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so alone in this world
so cruel and so cold
as someone ever told
your makin part of this world
but it doesnt seems like it
the world is a fucking bitch

accepting the fact
of different races and all kind of fags
what would i be in this undisrespectfull world
the one with a color gets denied the one whos white
has more right, do them fucking colors always have to fight
love for another why do we always have to bother
dont see them as a brother
see them as one, a human flesh and bone
let the criticism and racism out of this world
dont follow anybody nobody deserves the crown just leave everyone the fuck alone and go back home

your oppinion or mine it's both different
don't look at one way look twice think twice
don't get trapped in all them lies
have some faith dont be the one who ends up like bait
you are what you are there's nobody else like you
don't end up somewhere in the gutter
think further think bright think with your mind
don't fall behind be strong don't cry

for the ones who fail this world ain't a fairy tale
but i guess it's already to late
to tell you to have some faith
since im standing here at your grave
poor little bastard died
now the ppl fucking cry
and why, cus your the one to fucking blame
lame reaction lame responses
bringing out hate on a person you cant stand
when shit hits the fan
whos the one with the last smile on ther face
the one who hate or discriminate?

your a piece of shit when you think like this
remind the great memorys as a fucking kid
hanging around the blocks with any kinds of color red black yellow or white back than we didn't care or realise what different there was between eachother all we cared about was having some fun where the fuck did that time go

than someone stupid enough actually told you all about good and bad what color or race you are, now you made it the way it is.

ever since, you made the whole world pissed

my story is buried in my soul
be the person you want to be
if you give a fuck about society
than just act the way you should
you can be a bitch or a slut
or a total fucking nut
but don't fuck with different races
there are so many places to be
stop acting like a fucking wannebe

if you can't appreciate the way other people live
think again you not the only shitface on this world
you'll regret it by any moment of the day
gay people will slap you in your fucked up face
pay your respect shut your mouth and keep it for yourself
your selfish ignorance attitude truely doesn't help

be who you want to be, don't look at me or anyone else
don't be afraid with a little imagination or with your own creation it's your choice your decision your the one that choose your own destination.

in my dreams we are all dead

how sad that may sound
as long we don't care about eachother
and the only thing still matters, is money
how bout the kids and parents without that
we still keep on saying: the rich people gettin richer and the poor get poorer.

don't think your unworthy
give it a moment give it a rest
take a deep breath
don't feel left out alone
make from somethin undone to done
don't be afraid your not alone in this world.

as long we can appreciate
different things in life
you will see more people
with a freaking smile.

Rise And Shine.
Have fun living this life.

- BeWhoYouWanneBe -

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