X-ing a paragraph.
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X-ING A PARAGRAPH  (in honour to Edgar Allan Poe)

Tx write yxu this lxve pxem is my last attempt in trying tx win yxur heart ...

xh xh xh it's been sx hard ... everyday I feel the smart xf yxur betrayal ...

and the cxuld hearted way yxu ended xur 'friendship' and befxre xur shxrt-time lxve affair ...

xutside it's ice cxld and in my heart xf hearts txx! ...

all dxne by yxu ... nxw I have tx see it thrxugh ...

I really dxn't knxw hxw tx dx sx ...

since yxu wxuldn't allxw me tx hear me xut abxut the xne wrxng lxve pxem made mxnths and mxnths agx ...

yxu  hxwever were allxwed tx dx all ... just hurted me many times befxre ...

xnce I strxke back and the result was this ... this everlasting animxusity ...

I still lxve yxu very much ... but it's nx use ... yxu can't xr wan't hear me xut! ...

Nxt even if I wxuld shxut ....

But anyway right nxw I'm cxmpletely lxst fxr wxrds ...

I dx right scilly cxmments under xther writer's pxems ...

searching fxr xnly yxu ... hxw 'stupid' can a persxn becxme? ...

this whxle situatixn created by lxve, true lxve I feel fxr xnly yxu??? ...

sxmeday I will leave this "Gxdfxrsaken Txwn' and live happily ever after with xnly the vivid memxry of yxur ever sx tender first kiss ...

they say the heart is sx much wiser than the brain ...

with yxur heart yxu can feel by instinct whx cxuld be right fxr xne ...

tx lxve and be cherished fxr a lifetime ...

but nxt everyxne allxws their heart tx tell them! ...

Sx nxw even I am lxt fxr wxrds ... if ever yxur heart allxws yxu tx speak up ... be hasty and dxn't waste anymxre precixus lxve time ...! I miss yxu XXX

(Alsx my regards tx a friend tx yxu Ayesha, with lxve Sammie, greetz x)

- Sammie Beltane -

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& Very Nice!

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Zaterdag, januari 17, 2009 13:13 Alle gedichten bekijken van deze schrijver
Mr. Devil! Pleease release me from al those X''es!
Great, however!
(6)Mr. Six
 Samhain corner
Dinsdag, januari 13, 2009 18:06 Alle gedichten bekijken van deze schrijver
I do right scilly ... must be I do WRITE, sorry! x Samhain
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