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To Heli 17-06-2011


I was afraid
I couldnít feel
This level of love
Again for real

It confused my world
You didnít show
You werenít my girl
And I didnít know

The way you felt
For my a guess
My life started
To get a mess

I was confused
The way I felt
You made me angry
You made my melt

I took distance
But not for long
I couldnít held
It felt too strong

The moment you answered
With love to me
Made me happy
That I could see

It gets stronger
The way I feel
Now your love for me
I know is real

By every thought
My heart will glow
By every touch
My love will grow

Being with you
Makes my day
But when you go
I want you to stay

Waking up
In a empty bed
Makes my miss
What I had

Your arm around me
What you do
By waking up
When Iím watching you

Miss you so
Do we meet again?
Pain fills my heart
Of not knowing when

My love for you
Is making me blind
Moments we shared
Stay in my mind

Our naked bodies
Strangled together
Nothing in the world
On that moment will matter

You get my high
Setting me free
Iím holding you
Laying down on me

When I look
Into your eyes
Love trough my veins
Making me rise

Every kiss
Your kisses so sweet
Make me realize
Youíre the one I need

I always wondered
Is there someone for me
How will I know?
How can I see?

That true love exist
I didnít believe
Now I got you
Feels as a relieve

You are the girl
The one I desire
You are the woman
Who sets my heart on fire

I will be there for you
In good times and bad
When you are happy
And when you are sad

I want to share my life
With you I really do
Just trying to tell
How much, I love you

- lucinda1984 -

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