Reality Check
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Reality Check




The king sat in his red, brocade chair

anger mingled with his tears so bare

his queen asked what troubles him so

the floodgates opened he let his tears flow


uncomforted his miserable barrage unfurled

he said we have everything in the world

two houses, three if you count the castle up north

two cars, a Harley sport, three horses, weíll get a fourth


we travel often with a popular rock band

the music makes us feel so very grand

and everything I do for you with gladness

but nothing overcomes your sadness


I love you more than anyone on earth

yet I may as well be dead, for what itís worth

you donít love me with the same devotion

whatever is missing, I have no notion


his queen upset with furrowed brow

asked should I pack and leave now

I can only give what my heart allows

I can make no promises, or take any vows


he took her into a warm embrace

you cannot leave, this is your place

Oh yes, she said, and they laughed again

she knew, she was slowly driving him insane


there is no moral to this story told

itís an ongoing saga of hot and cold

they opened a bottle of triple sec

and silently she had a reality checkÖ

- killea -

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