Sadness magnified
24 november 2012 Stuur e-mail Alle gedichten bekijken van deze schrijver
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Sadness magnified





You send me messages

which I cannot understand

perhaps the music is too loud

of my favourite rock band


I hear your voice as I read

but cannot decipher the words

blinded by emotion, crying

from stampeding crystal herds


and every tear is so dear

for what could never have been

there’s nothing you can do

against the light I have seen


so cast your net as far

as you possibly can

maybe you will re-catch

back your true woman


the more I hear and read

about your thousand lies

the more I shall deliver

whilst I search the skies


you were my moon

and I your fifth star

time for you to go

I have raised the bar


as I await the winter

and then the crocus

you sink lower, love

to serve your Orcus


there was a time when

every word I kissed

now nothing was true

while you fed your tryst


thank you for the money

your barrister a reasonable man

we’ve made a deal, for real

"love you, love you more, my woman"


so kiss you-know-whose fat arse

look at your devastated family

you destroyed so much

you took your wife’s sanity

- killea -

Gecontroleerd door: Sheena


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 killea corner
Zaterdag, november 24, 2012 16:32 Alle gedichten bekijken van deze schrijver
Yes, when the high and mighty fall, it is hard...
thank you Hansr
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