Peace has become ideals
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We hide our puppets behind masks
Scared of what will come of us
Tasks we demand to others as we see fit
Mostly because we are afraid of itÖ

We are fighting battles in silences and hypocrisy
We let other bleeds for our democracy
Is there no end to the violence that we all see?
Or should I also stick my head in the ground, so I cannot see

Maybe I already have and maybe I still will
After these words Iíve written are all meaningless
Itís just a figment, a shard of my mind
Who flows these words and unravels it all through the same old kind.

I am not perfect as we all can see
But humanity is depriving of its humanity
Put the guns in the ground and let them rot
Put the people who are fighting at home and let them rest

I know this is an ideology
And doesnít have fundamentals for it even to be
But my mind is asking each and every one of you

Is this much hate needed in a world that is already filled with hate, blinded by frustration and where corruption has set its roots in the world where no tree of moral standing can no longer grow,
Due to our own absence of our normality?

- Wouter Stam -

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