Light in the darkness
06 december 2018 Stuur e-mail Alle gedichten bekijken van deze schrijver
Genegenheid / Dood / Hoop

He peered dark in his loom
It was absent of light
Long he stood there, in the darkness of his room
Struggling in his internal fight

I cleared my throat
To let him know I was there
And it is his story, I wrote
Which makes fate a bit lighter to bear

My son, I said
Why do you stand here alone
Why aren’t you in your bed
Standing here all on your own

Won’t you converse your tale
Tell me your story
For I seem to fail
To grasp your purgatory

You seem to be lost
More and more each day
You suffer and I fear the cost
If you continue on in this way

Only silence answered
For my worrisome tone
Then he quietly whispered
I can’t fight this fight alone

His face still facing down
And for a moment brief
He released his frown
Overwhelmed by grief

The silence returned
As tears filled eyes
I longed and yearned
To be a man more wise

Words were lost
Where they should’ve been found
I would’ve paid every cost
To fight at his battleground

His battle was his
And was fought within
What is that is
I could not enter his skin

Then the words arose
Which filled the void
The prose I chose
For humanity I employed

Come, my son,
We’ll leave this dark behind
It is your battle, but together we’ll win
I see the darkness in your mind

We walked out the door
Where the night quietly stood
And unlike moments before
The world seemed to be as it should

Peer up now son
Look to the sky
From the darkness begun
The light and I shall tell you why

Though darkness holds
Much of the known space
It always folds
When light shows it’s grace

All the sparkles countless
Painting the sky at night
Their numbers are endless
So even in the darkness, there always will be a light

When you are waning
And wavering is your resolve
If all your energy is draining
And you’re about to dissolve

Look up at the stars
And see that there’s always light
Show them your scars
They will join your fight

Then there were no tears
There was no sound
Thereafter in his years
He could often be found

Peering at the sky at night
No longer at the floor
Focusing on all that light
He rose, then took flight to soar

Then the day came
Where night suddenly arose
Hard work brought to shame
And why, nobody knows

Now I stand
While you get lowered lower
This is not what was planned
My heart is beating slower

I suddenly thought
Of that fateful night
And the lesson taught
Even in darkness, there’s light

In my grieve I am still proud
You’ve fought your fight
Silver lining of this cloud
The night still holds light

And although I miss you
And my heart grieves without end
What remains is what’s true
You are a warrior, my son, my friend

- Pathos -

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 Avr corner
Donderdag, december 06, 2018 15:26 Alle gedichten bekijken van deze schrijver
Ontroerend mooi gedicht! Met respect gelezen!
 Dreaming Star corner
Donderdag, december 06, 2018 14:10 Alle gedichten bekijken van deze schrijver
Excellent parenting. Very sweet.
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