I'm not able to serve him that pie...
16 december 2018 Stuur e-mail Alle gedichten bekijken van deze schrijver
Humor / Verwarring / Hoop

I wonder, if you really wish- for me to make you
A chocolate pie, covered in nuts…
You're too vague, we've never met. Are you true?
I wish, I could show up in your circles and show you my guts.

In A haze off summer, this brainspinning came to life.
He's always told me he's just imagination
Over-heating and probably A memory unsharp, not like A knife,
Of several men and things, getting their own persona creation.

He's taller than me, his skin quite fair,
Does he wishs to eat my bakings when he's with me?
You're always my friend if I got you in my mind to see.
I have had him in my mind quite often, I wonder if he's really there,

Compared to 'imagination', Earth Avatars alive-
Can be the extreme opposit.
I hope he's glad with me by his side,
Not upset or enraged by Starlight's cute wit.

You see- he's requesting me to make him A chocolate pie,
I wonder if he's there, mister imagination…
he's not so bad to look at for A young guy…
I feel shy, flirting with this 'out off the air.' relation

Particulairly long dark brown haired to his waist,
and bright brown eyes mature looking and with care,
I hope my intentions are not to waste.
I wonder what will bring us together, are your intentions fair?

I wonder if that, particulair mister Grumpy and I can make it forever-
I see him often as more off A cartoon version of A drawned man however.

His vieuw on things mature and wise, yet- A bit cranky, still playfull,
his eyebrows pitch dark, If he's real, can we meet? It's not someone dull
I wonder if he's there at all. And what such A lad's about to think off me.
Just fantasy events' history, I for myself would like it to stay that way.
I wonder if he's actually into more than just to play.

He's A bit hard to deal with at times,
But I vieuw him in my mind, and I wonder if- this vision could be 'mine.'
However, you maggot… I guess you can't eat that holiday chocolate pie covered in fresh nuts…
As I can't see how I can serve you that, and for you, an imaginatry thing, to win me over with - trust.-

- Dreaming Star -

Gecontroleerd door: christina


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Zondag, december 16, 2018 19:54 Alle gedichten bekijken van deze schrijver
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