Boundless bird
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Angst / Bewondering / Gemis

As the bird flies
Souring through wind and sky
I now arise
Leaving my contours where I lie

The sun shines
And all is well
Forgotten are the lines
Which on my face do dwell

Sorrow and bereavement
Do often find shelter here
For many a dream or achievement
I fondly endear

Still, they lay down
Some for sleep, some for endless rest
In minds seas, I sometimes drown
Always a wanderer I attest

I yearn for places forgotten
I reach for ideas not yet trodden
Still, of all that Iíve gotten
My sense of loss is what keeps sight broaden

Although I often linger
Although I often long
Iíll dare not raise my finger
My resolve is not that strong

Still, there is a chance
Still, there is hope
In this lifeís dance
On this downhill slope

We race to our end
And are often smitten
Not all can be overspend
Before their pages are written

Celestial light, where have you been
Will you ever fill this void
Into which my eyes have seen
So much have you destroyed

Blissful the ignorant
Blessed the foolish man
Once, I was both I grant
Will I be again in my lifespan

My dreams are long since passed
And my fire is now but a spark
Iím scared but I asked
Did I leave my mark

Does some good
Still resonate
Or must I look back to childhood
Is remembrance my lifelong fate

The bird now sits still
Closely following me with his eye
He's surely had its fill
I turn and leave him to his boundless sky

Oh, were I to fly
I surely would
But in a boundless sky
Iím bounded for good

- Pathos -

Gecontroleerd door: christina


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