How A Seed Grows.
14 maart 2020 Stuur e-mail Alle gedichten bekijken van deze schrijver
Angst / Filosofie / Geluk

One seed is being planted in the ground
Growing the veins of population oh so sound,
It yields bigger than every tree before,
Flowers the fields larger then ever more,

When it blossoms it sheds its leafs,
That is when mass corruptions strives of it's seeds
Mass machinery spread the news, let the earth bleed
With deafened ears we scream for something to ignore,

As human bones are already rotten at the core
We fulfill our own selfish needs and have stopped to care
We fill our minds with delusions to bare comfort
At the sirens of our country, our minds filled with despair,

We run over corpses and think of our own,
We only needed a simple reason, just one to overthrow
That fake pride at how our country isn't divided and dead,
Just look at one news story, that brought bodies instead,

We have now forgotten our values,
Let death run a mock,
We are the human living stock,
As our community was just an disillusioned display,
Of humanity,

So let chaos run wide,
The cause has run so far,
Our minds are already to the slaughter,
And our bodies are prepared for war,

You don't have to consume any longer my child,
The grown ups have already consumed your future,

So now I say, screw the adults, the sane ones,
It's time to light a fire as bright as the earth once was,

So let's set flames to order and control,
Our minds and soul, shall not be sold,
To the ones so bold, to be brave they once said

Funny how everything they told to us was a lie,
It's time for us humans to return to ashes
Let this generation of misinformation die.

- Wouter Stam -

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 Clarice corner
Zondag, maart 15, 2020 21:28 Alle gedichten bekijken van deze schrijver
Hopelijk zijn er toch ook mensen in je leven geweest die wel waarachtig waren/zijn. Er gaat veel mis in de wereld, maar er zijn ook velen die het goed voor hebben.
Gts Clarice
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