Grow Up
23 augustus 2020 Stuur e-mail Alle gedichten bekijken van deze schrijver
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Grow Up.
Every side ever taken is wrong
People arguing over which boy hurt which girl
And every girl who tricked boy
Is wrong

Why does it matter to you which side wins?
Why do you want to be better then the other
Why canít you control yourself and not be bothered
By everyone their behavior like a child mind catered

But I am right? He is wrong
But she tricked and complimented me!
But he fucking disgusts me of the sight I see
Heís a rapist, a child molester, not she!

No matter which side you pick
Itís time to fucking grow up all of you
The human race is hurling down the bottom of the well
Whilst it has no motivation to pick it up their self
And it waits on their prey to climb in and help
Right after it devours us all

We are the scum of the earth,
There is no one in particular to blame
But yourself and your own
Itís time to grow up,

And create a better home,
Rather then hellbent on destroying someoneís own
And itís better to leave her alone,

Cause there is nothing worse,
Then the fucking disgusting piece of earth weíve ruined.
We are the disgusted maggots of earth
We think we speak alone and no one shares worth

We all want to be right,
And above everyone else,
While we walk over the corpses
Of ourselves and others, screaming for fake help

On the day we were birthed by demons,
We were born to laid waste and ruin
On a planet untouched,
By the disgusting race called human.

Let the sequence begin of utter destruction
Let our sex war end, with one big boom of eruption
We have lost all worth, since we want to chain others
At the end of our rope, we hang ourselves on mass earth defunction.

- Wouter Stam -

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