A Rambling Of Negative Thoughts
10 februari 2021 Stuur e-mail Alle gedichten bekijken van deze schrijver
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(even disclaimer, weet dat het goed komt, dit zijn even de gedachtes eruit schrijven :P haha!)

A Rambling Of Negative Thoughts

You are annoying.
You are annoying, seems to be one of the harshest things to say
My brain is capable of telling me this every simple conversation, every simple day
Whenever I talk, I hate myself in milliseconds and seek out confirmation to affirm this self destruction
This low self esteem I have, seems to be blissfully ignorant by facts.

I hate myself is one of the most truths Iíve said today
As I feel like this facade of not caring seems to wither away
Until someday, I canít be bothered anymore and say it out loud,
I must be so fucking annoying, Iím so whiny, so sickening, so negatively shining through

Why do I have friends, why do they care to hang out,
Why, when I do nothing but think negatively of myself
I canít seem to do nothing but, cry or pout
And I frantically smile to make the sadness go away

And it helps, on better days,
Sometimes they ask whatís wrong,
I just say Iím tired while itís so much more,

Every time I open my lips, I feel thereís mud spewing out
Of nonsense, of lies and of fake feelings,
While I donít understand why theyíve been sticking with me all this time...

I wish I had a bullet to shoot in the air, whenever I have these thoughts,
So I could feel normal, or at least like you wonderful people...
As the goal is so steep, to unreal to achieve...
And all I do is deceive...

In trying to find someone to love this is also true,
Thatís why their are thousands of rejections in due,
And thatís why Iíll never love I think,
I donít need it getís better speeches.

I want someone to come home to
To support and carry through their tragedies,
To cherish and love in eternity,
How cheesy that might sound to be,

But I keep making mistakes,
Keep doing it wrong...
Keep trying to go on.

I canít,
Iíll die alone and without friends
I canít
Iíll leave you all alone one day,
And Iíll stay at home.

- Wouter Stam -

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 september corner
Zondag, februari 14, 2021 19:15 Alle gedichten bekijken van deze schrijver
Het is wel erg goed geschreven. Het voelbare innerlijke zo naar buiten te brengen in het Engels is ronduit knap Wouter. Vriendelijke groet.
 Augustijntje corner
Woensdag, februari 10, 2021 20:34 Alle gedichten bekijken van deze schrijver
If it helps, rant away!
 Clarice corner
Woensdag, februari 10, 2021 20:32 Alle gedichten bekijken van deze schrijver
Mooi je gevoel verwoord, niet denken dat bij anderen wel alles van een leien dakje loopt, durf lak hebben aan wat ze denken en gooi het er maar eens uit, je zou verschieten wat dat als reactie kan geven.
Gts, Clarice
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