The Wicked That Rambles Before He Falls In Slumber
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The Wicked That Rambles Before He Falls In Slumber

Iím sick of these violations of the human mind
Iím tired of human feeble institution we call human kind
Their all a disgrace, such a piss poor excuse for the daily abuse
We put our self through, just to get our point across, such a loss

The mechanical mind of the hive institutionalized, is crumbling
One comb by another comb, to indulge once more more, from where we come from
Itís starts at the birth and education my friend, then the end
It unravels and it happens once again, till corruption lies dead beaten dumped on the floor

At least we like to believe we are fighting corruption, sickened minds
Well yes to a thin line that might be the case, but in most you are just hurting another race
Another culture that has yet to be defined, already crashed by cancel cultures at mind,
However I do not agree that all degenerates of a past should be remembered to eternally last,

I am more gritting down my teeth, to what I see and what I belief,
The loss of thinking for ourselves, what is right and what can be conceived,
As brainwash intelligence, part of a conspiracy plot and which should just be real or fake,
Deaths demeaning movies are being put on live, which we think okay whilst it should be hated,

The ill speak wicked of the dead, they said, but remember that was the time before internet
I donít really think has a constructive answer for criticism or cancel culture,
However I do think humankind and as I do I, need to take a few steps back, to not fall behind
On otherworldly creatures waiting to meet us, but are now to embarrassed by the foul human creatures,

I guess my mixture of words is just as confused as the wisdom I thought I brought,
But I guess Iím not any brighter than the brightest light to have fought,
My weary eyes let me rest to bed, maybe a coma isnít that quite bad...

To fall asleep as the world around you crumbles and never to sunder..........
To fall down in beautiful dreams filled with childlike wonder and ponder........
Over what happens to the world when I wake up......

So many thoughts to unravel....
So many thoughts that falter..

I guess Iíll finally head to my eternal slumber.

- Wouter Stam -

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Dinsdag, mei 04, 2021 21:47 Alle gedichten bekijken van deze schrijver
If a peaceful slumber isn't an option, you can always opt for comfortable numbness.
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