Metalhead Junkie
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She nagged me and called me Grumpy
Iím a metalhead Junkie
The idea ainít funky

Iím addicted and broke all the time
There was a time where I went by fine
Now all the meat on my shoulders is gone
I believe my inner war is finally won
By the coke, the weeds and the demons inside
Itís something I despise myself for and hide

She called me Grumpy
Iím a metalhead junkie
The idea ainít funky

I wanted to show her Iím more than this
So to New York city is my hurt mindís wish
Making it as a rockstar there
Somewhere above and beyond my despair
Iím addicted to coke and weeds and vulgair
Iím a Junkie and this life to me isnít fair.

She called me Grumpy
Iím a metalhead Junkie
The idea ainít funky

Iíve got long brown hair and bloodshed eyes
I wish to come off immature but wise
I wish to cross the ocean to New York
To prove her Iím not an average dork
I wish to make it and look like Iím it
I brag about it all but Iím still a kid.

She called me Grumpy
Iím a metalhead Junkie
The idea ainít funky

I tried my best to pay the ticket for the plane
but the more I came to it the more it went insane
Americans donít like people on cocaine
So my brilliant idea came down in flames
Itís all illegal stuff over there
Why should I again try to care
I could try it here and stare-
If I wouldnít feel like a douchebag in despair

She called me Grumpy,
Iím a metalhead Junkie
The idea ainít funky

But what am I to do?
She said this once and I had no clue
But to let it come all over me and felt like nothing to you
What should I say about it too?
I wish to stand up and proove Iím no fool
Insane miss Starlight is beyond my cool
Iím a metalhead Junkie with bloodshed eyes
Sometimes I wish I could get to rehab and make myself

- Dreaming Star -

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 Dasje (lucky) corner
Woensdag, juni 02, 2021 08:35 Alle gedichten bekijken van deze schrijver
Dit lijkt wel een sterk idee voor een song!
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