Years on the run, from addiction.
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Angst / Bedrog / Historie

But listen
How I make my dreams
already whispering
The mood is touch
I'm carrying you
in the dark
ask me out later,
I'll tell you how I am.
Years on the run,
and still not used to it.
After this story
you see me as just air.
After years of hard struggle,
I can't do it
tell me what you want
and what you see in me...
hit me differently
Or unintentionally, "
yes you are lost
and your soul is wasted"
But here it comes
whether you want it or not.

A Heineken in the morning
Not the beer but the pills
that you will want
And I'm not talking about four
Actually you are already
Worrying in a coma
What can my body do
still on
I'm not from here anymore
A holy voice says
leave that shit alone
The zombie rises
in my existence
And I don't know a way out
more to go
the chemicals
Rule in my head
Like a medicine from the devil
Who's screwing your life
Like a bum in the red
Are you trying to be yourself
And others lead by example
As they walk past you
And you only want to be with them
Buy that medicine.
Hopefully death will come
With the shining
To you
An angel asks you
But you don't talk
You are too tired.
You think,
just pass
My drug stun...
Who conquers me.
The leader,
In my end sufferer.

Written by:
Jorick A & Werner S

- Werner S Abbo 1GroeneSter-

Gecontroleerd door: Werner S


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