A feeling only we know
14 oktober 2022 Stuur e-mail Alle gedichten bekijken van deze schrijver
Verlies / Liefde / Liefdesverdriet

Were we written in the stars
Were we guided by the moon
Cause something in this universe
made you sing my tune

I never felt the way I did with you
So connected, home, so close
But we didnít give in
So the answer, no one knows

It remains something, something deep
Once in a lifetime I suppose
Cause when we share a touch
the whole damn world around us glows

But sometimes getting something
hurts more than getting nothing at all
See, I donít want the crumbs
when we used to have it all

A bite will not fulfill my hunger
A small talk wonít do any good
I have a raging fire burning for you
that I wonít temper, if I could.

Cause Iím proud to love you like I do
That I concurred every wave
That Iíve always stood up for you
Made you feel at home and save

We shared the passion like two lovers
We shared the laughter as best friends
We sticked together in stormy weather
Heart to heart and hand in hand

Know, Iím happy for your happiness
I just donít want a front row seat
Cause while I helped you get there
I lost what we were becoming to be

So I close the curtain
I guess this show has reached the end
I hope that youíll remember me
cause Iíll remember you my dearest friend

I hope you wear those flowers in your hair one day
That you stay in love, happy, and grow as you go
You are with me, youíll stay with me
Remembering a feeling only we know

- _boy_ Abbo 1Abbo 2-

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Zaterdag, oktober 15, 2022 12:53 Alle gedichten bekijken van deze schrijver
Heel mooi Boy. Het is goed geschreven en doet denken aan het nummer van Keane, somewhere only we know.
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