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 -Dag & nacht-    Wicked Soul
 -Paint the walls with my bl...    Wicked Soul
 ~Lost wishes~    Wicked Soul
 ~Ashes to ashes, dust to dust~    Wicked Soul
 -Swallowed castle of love-    Wicked Soul
 ~Gebroken vleugels~    Wicked Soul
 -Kom naar me toe-     Wicked Soul
 -Withered Rose-    Wicked Soul
 ~Lament of my soul~    Wicked Soul
 Home-coming    Wicked Soul
 -My heart is filled with sh...    Wicked Soul
 -I came to stay-    Wicked Soul
 Nachtwake    Wicked Soul
 ~Mourning days, dying nights~    Wicked Soul
 -Lichtende Hoop-    Wicked Soul
 -Painting Your Black Sky Blue-    Wicked Soul
 ~Shattered Soul~    Wicked Soul
 ~Daydreamer~    Wicked Soul
 Drijvende Hoop    Wicked Soul
 -New Begin-    Wicked Soul
 De bloem van jouw leven    Wicked Soul
 Lost Angel(s) (freaks)    Wicked Soul
 Shizofreen    Wicked Soul
 -Rust in mijn armen-    Wicked Soul
 -My Love Dies-    Wicked Soul
 This Love Will Kill Me    Wicked Soul
 ~I will die too~    Wicked Soul
 Dood is ...    Wicked Soul
 -In Vain- (Long Lost Soul)    Wicked Soul
 Dromend Hart    Wicked Soul
 Der Sonnenaufgang (Zonsopgang)    Wicked Soul
 Love Is A Disease    Wicked Soul
 -I will survive-    Wicked Soul
 -My Last Light- (Goodbye)    Wicked Soul
 Muren Om Je Hart    Wicked Soul
 Hide And Seek    Wicked Soul
 Onovertroffen genot    Wicked Soul
 Verwrongen Masker (haiku)    Wicked Soul
 Becoming One    Wicked Soul
 Zonsondergang (haiku 3)    Wicked Soul
 *Voor m'n soulmate*    Wicked Soul
 -Stolen Innocence-    Wicked Soul
 -Everything I can-    Wicked Soul
 -Awoken-    Wicked Soul
 Schaduw van de Dood    Wicked Soul
 -Precious Gift-    Wicked Soul
 -Growing Tree-    Wicked Soul
 -Willing To Give In-    Wicked Soul
 -Sailing With A Sinking Shi...    Wicked Soul
 -Broken Angel In Disguise-    Wicked Soul

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