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 A is to B as B is to C Nog geen reacties   FrogCess
 Wrapped up in skin. Nog geen reacties   FrogCess
 Curves in your smile. Nog geen reacties   FrogCess
 Seventeen Forever.    FrogCess
 Every memory hurts.    FrogCess
 Killerbees Nog geen reacties   FrogCess
 Done    FrogCess
 Empty, nothing, blank.    FrogCess
 3 years, 1 month and counting!    FrogCess
 Lost attention.    FrogCess
 I can't satisfy a boys mind.    FrogCess
 Frozen    FrogCess
 Old goodbye's and new hello's    FrogCess
 Open eyes    FrogCess
 Cocaine white    FrogCess
 Lock and load Nog geen reacties   FrogCess
 The last one ...    FrogCess
 I've got the best shot    FrogCess
 Oh, doctor with your telescope    FrogCess
 My emergency Nog geen reacties   FrogCess
 No mans land    FrogCess
 She starts feeling on her own    FrogCess
 Shé's badly broken    FrogCess
 Throw away your television    FrogCess
 Bleeding heart    FrogCess
 Shout my heart tomorrow    FrogCess
 Won't share this heart    FrogCess
 Note to self; broken heart ...    FrogCess
 Beautifull disaster    FrogCess
 Heartly dirt    FrogCess
 One last change drama    FrogCess
 Ashtray heart Nog geen reacties   FrogCess
 Placebo juice    FrogCess
 I don't need happy ending...    FrogCess
 A cutthroat bite    FrogCess
 Such an overdose    FrogCess
 Dear,, fuckle thing    FrogCess
 A current Mood    FrogCess
 Can't stand another me!    FrogCess
 Recycle this!    FrogCess
 Delighted jealousy    FrogCess
 Melodramaemo    FrogCess
 Yessir, I'm in    FrogCess
 Under a white skin    FrogCess
 I won’t force the tears    FrogCess
 more then yesterday    FrogCess
 I'll bruise you forever    FrogCess
 The girl behind Ice lashes     FrogCess
 I used to be a Protagonist    FrogCess
 Slagveld van binnen    FrogCess

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