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Sometimes you feel like drowning
You think nobody cares
Sometimes youíre actually frowning
It seems like nobodyís there

Sometimes you feel like running
But you're only standing still
Sometimes you feel like hating
But you know you never will

Sometimes you see things change
While youíre drifting far away
In that world you can arrange
the things that happen day by day

You can dream away the bad things
You can see what you feel right
You can fly even without wings
See the world becoming bright

But slowly you begin to realize
That itís only just a dream
It is just a bad disease
And things just arenít what they seem

Some things are just so strange
And they stay like this because
every one wants to make a change
But no one ever does

Youíre standing there just wondering
While youíre watching how life goes
Why things go the way theyíre going
And why no one really knows

Why do bad things occur?
And why do they happen to me?
Is this my life for sure?
Is this where I want to be?

You should ask yourself this question;
Would I be happy on another place or time?
Would everything then be better?
Would that secure I'm feeling fine?

And where exactly do I want to go
And how do I arrive?
You probably will never know
Because you canít live another life

Thereís absolutely nothing that
Can secure youíre feeling fine
To feel good you do can let
2 things in you combine

Itís all about the head and the heart
I hope youíll understand and donít wait
until you think things are falling apart
Because then it is too late

Youíre life can be changed by you
Youíve got your faith in your own hands
You influence it with all you do
I hope you understand

In the mirror you will see
Where the answer lies
It's all in you and not in me
Look into tour own eyes

You donít have to step out of this life
To live another one
Just go ahead and change your life
Just like youíve always done

Cause you decide and you can change
The life you would have had
I know it seems a little strange
but just remember that
And donít you ever forget!

- Skatje -

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