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numbness is taking over,
i don't care anymore...
it all doesn't makes cense anymore..
and i don't want to put any more energy,
in understanding...
i surrender, to this eternal fight...
but they don't have to worry,
iíll be fine somehow...
not interested in the future anymore,
not caring about anything..
fake smiles are all i can give now,
even my eyes are to blurry to look at...
the reasons to go on get less everyday..

but for every mistake you say i make,
you make a dozen more everyday...

it's to hart to move on,
giving up is such a easy way to take...
destroy my body before i say goodbye...
the memories come back everyday...
they killed my soul a long time ago,
they scared my life...
they all would know how they killed me,
after i'm gone...
it's their fault for being this fucked person...

but for every mistake you say i make,
you make a dozen more everyday...

Iíll let go, so that i can move on..
i can't do this anymore,
reminded everyday..
of what they did to me,
it made me go numb...
i can't be helped anymore,
so many already tried...
helpless alone,
i will work myself on my way down..
i just don't care anymore....
it was the last fight,

Copyright protected,
Written by crow.
07- 06- 07

- Asylum -

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