A star is born
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Geboorte/baby's / Geloof / Spiritueel

Once I lived
in a world agree
as time stoud still
love shone over me

all the world
was good to me
there was nothing to bother
no wories no need

whole the sky
was made to be free
as we flied as honey bees
over rainbows trees

was made so brilliantly
made by a miracle
a mystery

as we heard the songs
of the morning birds
sunsmiles warming the day
calling hearts to obey

as I looked into your eyes
dreaming into paradise
the sun smiled in the blue
to make our dreams came true

as earths shadow
came to darken the moon
we tried out to see
as we ate the grapes of the tree

the sky rumbled to bleed
as we tried to flee
we felt as wingless birds
in an icy sea

why we had to fall
we were swimming hand in hand
till we rested in the sand

Oh If I Could
I would fly to the moon
my sweet child
to melt in your eyes

Oh..If I could
I would give you my life
my sweet child
to sacrafice

As we walked on
hand in hand
a star arose to shine
to lead us to the promised land

a star so bright
was made so brilliantly
born by a miracle
a mystery

And all the world
was full of yoy
to see suns child
as it was born to

open our hearts
to make dreams true
and let the sun shine in blue

to lead us to live in a world agree
in peace and harmony

to fill the whole world
with laughter and yoy

to make us fly as honeybees
over the couloured trees

to set us free without a sacrifice
to be together as one in paradise

- Stan Rams -

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